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  • Peta bytes of data is being generated and collected every day. In this increasingly high dimensional world what sets apart your company is the successful use of your data to achieve your goals. 
  •  Machine learning (ML)? Artificial intelligence (AI)? Regardless of terminology, well-established mathematical and statistical concepts and methods are behind all successful data-driven applications. 
  • Each model has its limitations.  Not clearly identifying and documenting them is usually the main reason for failures that can generate significant loss. Exaggeration and extraordinary claims are often the signs that the use of sound statistical methodology is lacking.
  • As George Box once said “all models are wrong but some are useful.”,  we do our best to build many models and choose the most useful one for a given task all guided by the type of data available. We use sound and rigorous methods regardless of the current hype.
  • We make sure that each model is built based on appropriate statistical and mathematical principals, tested rigorously using appropriate procedures. When possible, we incorporate advanced experimental design techniques to make sure models perform well when in production.




We help companies take advantage of their data by building cutting edge and reliable ML/AI models.

With our help we are sure you will gain the competitive advantage in your chosen field.


Project Base

Are you in need of professional consultants to work along side your team, share their wast experience, and mentor?

Do you have a specific project you want to be built, tested, and put to
production? Give us a call we can help.


Corporate Training

Partner with us to equip your employees with the latest in technology and best trial tested
methods in ML and AI. We design courses and training materials customized to your needs.

Why choose us?

Years of industrial experience

We have years of experiences in tackling a wide range of problems in banking, healthcare, energy and other industries. There is a good chance that we have already worked on a comparable project.

Years of university teaching and idustrial traning

Some of our team members have years of experience teaching core ML/AI materials in various universities and colleges, and mentoring junior staff in corporate environments.

We are very affordable

We don't have the huge overhead expenses that big consulting firms have. Therefore you won't pay for their expensive offices, brands and so forth. Your cost will be a fraction of what you would pay to a large firm, a firm that might indirectly hire us to do the job.

We are flexible

Due to our size we are flexible with the way you want the job to be handled. We can work on multiple projects, design project base contracts and do things the way that makes the most sense for your company.

Our Clients (past and present)

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Average increase in return on equity (ROE) using advanced data methods.

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